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Welcome to Yehzami, Power by (together, with its wholly owned of Real Estate Agencies. You agree to be clear by the following terms of condition, as updated from time to time (“Terms of Condition”).

  1. Acceptable Use:If not you are a real estate or lending qualified acting in your professional capacity, you must agree to use the Services for your personal use, and your business use is restricted to dealings done on your own behalf. The business use of real estate and lending professionals is restricted to providing information to customers via the Services or, where approved, taking actions on behalf of a customer client (e.g., post a home for sale). Without restraint, lending professionals and institutions are illegal from using information provided by Yehzami Group through the Services in making any decisions. The Services may be used only for dealings in residential real estate and may not be used for dealings in commercial real estate, which includes, without restraint, commercially zoned properties, timeshares, and vacation rentals. Topic to the restrictions set onward in the following paragraphs, you may copy information from the Services only as required for your personal use to view, save, print, fax and/or e-mail such information. You agree or else not to reproduce, distribute, modify, display or else provide access to, create derivative works from, disassemble, decompile or overturn engineer any portion of the Services. In addition, you agree not to provide/post/authorize a link to any of the Services (including but not restricted to your agent profile page) from a third party website that is not a real estate linked website owned or operated by a real estate or lending professional or institution.


— Updated March 2016